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Hope for Change will help people make a bigger difference to those in need

Hope for Change will help people make a bigger difference to those in need

We're supporting and highlighting a campaign to help people ensure their charitable giving makes a genuine difference to people in Bolton.

Hope for Change is an initiative that encourages people to donate to local charities that support vulnerable people, rather than giving money directly to people sleeping or begging on the street.

In Bolton, the campaign is organised by The Bolton Family – a partnership of more than 40 local organisations, businesses and charities working together to improve the town and strengthen communities.

The Bolton Family has organised two town centre Hope for Change events on Tuesday 7 (please see update below) and Friday 10 December to give people more information about the campaign and how they can donate to local charities that offer frontline support. It is hoped this approach will help more people to get off the streets for good.

People will have the opportunity to donate at the two Hope for Change events which will take place in Victoria Square South close to the front of the Town Hall between 11am and 3pm.

UPDATE: Please note that we've postponed Tuesday's event due to a Met Office weather warning. Friday's event is planned to go ahead. 

Dave Bagley, Chief Executive of Urban Outreach Bolton, said: “Hope for Change is an important initiative that enables some of our most vulnerable people to get the targeted support they need.

“People who give money or food directly to people on the streets have good intentions, but this doesn’t address the complicated range of issues they may be facing, such as addiction, mental health issues, or exposure to abuse and violence.

“It also prevents some of the street begging activity that’s linked to organised crime. By giving the money to local charities that support vulnerable people instead we can encourage them to get the right support to turn their lives around, rather than continuing to enable their life on the street.”

Deputy Leader of Bolton Council, Councillor Hilary Fairclough, said: “Hope for Change is an important campaign that goes on throughout the year, but we know that many people see the Christmas period as a time to make charitable donations too.

“The council is supporting December’s Hope for Change events to ensure people get the right information about how they can help others through our local charities, both at Christmas and other times of the year.”

If you want to find out more about the campaign, and donate online, please go to

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Tap4 issues

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This quarter, we thought you’d find our 2020/21 Annual Report more useful than a standalone issue of TAP4.

Why? Because it includes more detail on many of the topics we’d otherwise include in the latest TAP4 issue.

  • a breakdown of how we spent EVERY PENNY from each pound of rent you'd paid us, 

  • how building NEW BUILD HOMES benefits you, regardless of whether you live in one, 

  • and the exact number of COMPLAINTS we’ve received, as well as some examples of how we’ve learnt from them (such as missed appointments, fly tipping, and our Antisocial Behaviour Policy). 

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