Improvements to your home

Under the terms of the lease, the leaseholder will require our permission to carry out any alterations and improvements affecting:

  • Our fixtures and fittings; or
  • The exterior of the building; or
  • The structure of the building (including the removal of internal walls)

Leaseholders wishing to carry out alterations or improvement works to their home must apply for our consent as required by the lease and provide details of the proposed works. Consent may be granted subject to conditions, such as obtaining planning permission and/or appropriate buildings regulations consent, where this is required.

We do not need to know about minor work such as decorating.

How do I get permission?

Write to: Landlords Permissions, Bolton at Home, 98 Waters Meeting Road, Bolton, BL1 8SW

Call: 01204 328000


You will need to say exactly what you want to do and include a drawing or plan.

A building surveyor may need to visit your home to see what you intend to do, before we can make a decision.

If they refuse permission it will be for a good reason. If you go ahead with work after we have refused permission you will be breaking the terms/conditions of your lease. If you do something without permission we have the right to put things back as they were and charge you for it.

There is a fee payable for permissions. This will be payable in advance.