Download our Mutual Exchanges leaflet

Image displaying the front cover of our Mutual Exchanges leaflet, which is available to download on this page. It reads "Home-swap with ease". If you'd like to view a handy guide on Mutual Exchanges, download our Mutual Exchanges leaflet here: Mutual-Exchange-leaflet-[pdf]-710KB

Getting consent for Mutual Exchanges

To do a mutual exchange, Bolton at Home and/or the other housing provider will need to give their consent. There are some reasons why we might not give consent, and these are set out in the Housing Act 1985. We might refuse to give you consent if:

  • You are behind with your rent
  • You are on a starter tenancy
  • You've had a court order made against you for breach of tenancy, or are under a notice of seeking possession of your home
  • The property you want to move to would be too big or too small for the number of people involved
  • You've damaged your home and we want you to make repairs first
  • The home you live in has been designed or adapted for people with special needs or disabilities.

Once consent is provided by Bolton at Home and/or another Housing Provider gives their consent for the other party to carry out the mutual exchange, a housing inspector will make an appointment to come out to see you in your current home. They will need to:

  • Check out your current home and let you know if there are any repairs you’ll need to do before the exchange
  • Complete a reference for you for the other landlord
  • We may need to contact your exchange partner and double check we’re happy with their reference

Mutual Exchanges: What's HomeSwapper?

Decorative image displaying the HomeSwapper logo
HomeSwapper is an online service that helps connect tenants who are looking to move house and want to do a mutual exchange. Bolton at Home provide HomeSwapper a fee so that all our customers can access the service. You can search for homes by area, and you'll usually be able to see photos of what's available. You can sign up for email or text alerts when new homes come up that match your criteria. Click here to visit the HomeSwapper website for more information.

Mutual Exchanges: What you need to do

Make sure you take a good look round when you go to view the property, as you will be accepting the property ‘as seen’.

It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the condition of the property you are thinking of exchanging to; if there are things that need repairing they will need agreeing and the exchanging tenant will need to arrange these repairs with their landlord before you exchange.

It is strongly recommended that both customers wishing to Mutually Exchange with one another undertake a written agreement that states that they will leave the property clean, remove all items from the property including any garden areas etc and provide information relating to any repairs that have been reported etc.

Bolton at Home will not be able to intervene if any agreements are not upheld or if no agreements are in place. If a customer leaves a property in poor condition, i.e. no cleaned/items left, Bolton at Home are not responsible for the ‘condition’ of the property and are not able to carry out works to rectify.

Other general information on moving home is also available via the Bolton at Home website.

Mutual Exchanges: Things to consider

Things to consider:

  • If you have pets, will the landlord of the property you are looking to exchange to accept animals?
  • Is the property the right size for you? If you might be under-occupying or over-occupying the property you are looking to exchange to, the application may be rejected.
  • Will you inherit any repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant?
  • What repairs has your proposed new landlord agreed to carry out? What will be the responsibility of the outgoing tenants to repair/replace?
  • Does the heating type suit your needs?
  • Does it need decorating? If so, you will need to consider this when budgeting.
  • What are the local amenities like?
  • If you have children, what are the schools like? Are there places available?
  • Will exchanging affect your tenancy type?