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Our organisational objectives

We are working to create 'homes and neighbourhoods we can all be proud of.'

You can read our Business Plan, Annual Report and other documents by clicking here.

Our organisational objectives are listed below.

Meeting the housing needs of our customers by:

Meeting the housing needs of our customers by:

  • Developing and implementing the active asset management strategy to invest a minimum of £19m annually in homes and help create strong and flourishing communities.
  • Increase the range of housing options for our current and future customers and provide a bedrock for strong places by providing 1050 new homes by April 2023.

Supporting our customers to be more independent and our communities to be more sustainable through:

Supporting our customers to be more independent and our communities to be more sustainable through:

  • Investing £1.9m annually in services, initiatives and enterprise in communities.
  • Providing products and services to improve customer service or generate new income.

Ensuring that our business is well run, responsible and financially secure through:

Ensuring that our business is well run, responsible and financially secure through:

  • Improving governance and management to meet the changing needs of the business.
  • One organisational workforce plan to ensure we have the right people with the best skills and attitudes that are fit for the future.
  • Securing the viability of the business and increase year on year efficiencies, social value and value for money service delivery.

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We own, manage and maintain more than 18,000 homes across the borough. We invest to improve the quality of our properties and are building new homes to give as many people as we can the opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home.

Our work goes far beyond bricks and mortar. We tackle poverty with debt and money advice. We provide food and clothes initiatives and help people keep warm for less. We support tenants and residents into training and employment, and deal with antisocial behaviour.

We help customers to remain independent in their own homes with a community alarm service and adaptations. And we work with volunteer groups to build sustainable communities.

We are a charitable community benefit society that works to make people’s lives better by providing quality housing, giving people opportunities to prosper and helping customers to maximise their income. To achieve this we work in partnership with a variety of local charities, social enterprises and other agencies.

We also work at a Greater Manchester level as one of the Greater Manchester Housing Providers. And we have created subsidiaries within our Bolton at Home group structure to acquire more properties, deliver contracts and training opportunities, and provide the means to invest more in communities.

We know that successful community regeneration requires more than developing and managing homes, it needs a commitment to help people become more socially and economically active.

Between April 2019 and March 2020, our Money Advice Team helped more than 1,300 tenants to be financially better off by over £6 million in total. Our employment related programmes helped 263 people into work and 230 into training. And we supported 76 community groups or tenant and resident associations.

Also, we provide direct financial support to voluntary community and social enterprise partners within Bolton. We provide housing and personal support to people who are vulnerable and survivors of domestic abuse and violence. We run community projects to develop people’s skills, health and confidence. And our staff make a difference in the neighbourhoods we serve by volunteering and donating to charitable causes.

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Phone: 01204 328000

Facebook: @fbboltonathome

Twitter: @boltonathome

Website: www.boltonathome.org.uk

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Head office: contact details

Call us on:
01204 328000

Write to us:
Bolton at Home
98 Waters Meeting Road

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Message from our Chief Executive

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"We will use the website to inform you about our performance on those issues that are important to you as tenants such as repair appointments, value for money and tackling antisocial behaviour. It is our aim to provide good quality services at a reasonable cost.

I do try and make sure I get out and meet tenants as much as possible to hear from you directly about improvements you would like to see. So feel free to invite me to events or for a walk around your area. If I can’t make it I will make sure another senior officer attends or contacts you."

Jon Lord