Our policies and strategies

Adult work experience policy - Aug 2019[pdf] 251KB

Allowances for Operations Committee and Scrutiny Group members - Feb 2018[pdf] 100KB

Anti-poverty strategy - May 2019[pdf] 424KB

Anti-poverty strategic action plan[pdf] 2MB

Anti-social behaviour & enforcement policy - June 2018[pdf] 269KB

Arboricultural policy - March 2017[pdf] 190KB

Asset management strategy 2020 – 23/24 & disposal policy(Group) - March 2020[pdf] 234KB

Board and Committee member recruitment policy (Group) - Aug 2019[pdf] 241KB

Business planning risk and assurance strategy (Group) - Feb 2020[pdf] 763KB

Compensation and redress policy - June 2018[pdf] 172KB

Complaint customer feedback policy - March 2020[pdf] 194KB

Creating social value strategy - March 2017[pdf] 355KB

Damp and condensation policy - Jan 2018[pdf] 139KB

Development strategy 2019 - 2024 (Group) - Jan 2020[pdf] 1MB

Digital inclusion policy - Dec 2019[pdf] 279KB

Disabled facilities policy - March 2020[pdf] 260KB

Diversity & inclusion strategy 2020-24 - March 2020[pdf] 295KB

Environmental sustainability strategy 2016-21 - Dec 2016[pdf] 772KB

Health, safety and wellbeing policy (Group) - Feb 2020 [pdf] 268KB

Money advice policy - Feb 2019[pdf] 216KB

Neighbourhood policy - April 2018[pdf] 206KB

Repairs policy - Jan 2020 [pdf] 219KB

Resident and community engagement strategy - June 2019[pdf] 670KB

Revenue services policy - April 2019 [pdf] 261KB

Safeguarding policy (Group) - Sept 2018.pdf [pdf] 219KB

Shared ownership sales policy - Feb 2018.pdf [pdf] 267KB

Tackling domestic abuse & violence policy - Sept 18.pdf [pdf] 370KB

Tenancy policy - Aug 2019[pdf] 456KB

Winter service provision (gritting) policy Nov 2019[pdf] 180KB