Employment & Enterprise - Who we are

Portrait image of Tony Cottam, our Head of Employment and Enterprise Tony Cottam: Head of Employment and Enterprise
Hi I’m Tony, I have 4 sons (which is a full-time job in itself – can you imagine the damage in our house?)  I was a Bury fan before all that happened, and I have had over 50 jobs!

Likes: Gin, Netflix and my allotment

Dislikes: Global pandemics, procrastinating, people in charge of football clubs


Portrait image of Carrie Riley, our Employment and Enterprise Manager.

Carrie Riley: Employment and Enterprise Manager
I’m Carrie and I manage the Employment and Enterprise Team.  I’m a mum to two girls and Murphy my dog (I’m not sure who I like the most!).  I’ve worked in the Team for the last ten years, where we have designed a service that supports customers to get into work. We offer a range of services including personalised employment support, FREE training, help with CV’s, training grants, help with interview clothes and interview coaching, support with work experience placements and support once you get a job.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07825193230 to see how we can help you.

Likes: Wine, eating, my dog, cycling and walking (with my dog).

Dislikes: Tidying up after everyone, dishonesty, Nutella.

Portrait image of Mary Winrow, our Customer Training Coordinator

Mary Winrow: Customer Training Coordinator
Hi, I'm Mary. Wife, mum of two, and a nana of one, as well as being a part-time joint project manager of a house renovation (for almost five years and counting!)

You can contact me on 07825193230 or by emailing mary.winrow@boltonathome.org.uk if you are interested in any of the fantastic courses we have on offer. Click here to view the courses we have on offer at the moment.

Likes: Hiking in the Lake District, chocolate, the sun, and shopping!

Dislikes: The rain, bad manners, baked beans and living in a building site!


Portrait image of Niki Meikle, our Volunteer Co-Ordinator.Niki Meikle: Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Hi I’m Niki, mum, wife, Volunteer Coordinator to name a few of my roles. According to my personality profile, Niki brings harmony and goodwill to any situation in which she finds herself.

I’m currently leading on the Kickstart programme supporting young people into work- click here to find out more on the Kickstart programme.

Likes: Aerial and circus arts, smiling, and my family.

Dislikes: Lockdowns, indecisiveness, and mint choc chip ice cream.

Favourite quote: "Change your story, change your life" – Tony Robbins.

Portrait image of Alex Warburton-Eccles, our UCAN Administrative & Finance Assistant.Alex Warburton-Eccles: UCAN Administrative & Finance Assistant
I’m Alex, Admin & Finance Assistant for the UCAN’s and Employment & Enterprise Team. I’m a wife, animal lover and the chief organiser of the household!

Likes: Travelling (when we are allowed to go beyond our front door!), dogs, chocolate, pizza and Netflix.

Dislikes: Early mornings, being cold and putting petrol in the car.

Mohamed Atcha: UCAN Administrative Assistant
Hello I'm Mohamed, a part-time admin workaholic, I've been at Bolton at Home for 14 years. I usually work with systems, data and all things techy.

I don't have a profile picture as I love my own privacy, and I also have a dry sense of humour.

If you think we can help you, then we probably can. Call me on 01204 329573, or Email me using mohamed.atcha@boltonathome.org.uk.

Likes: Privacy, space (including outer) Sci-Fi.

Dislikes: Social media, spyware, viruses (the other type).