Tenancy Support Service

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What is our Tenancy Support Service?
We offer regular contact, advice and assistance if you’re taking on a new tenancy or finding it difficult to manage your existing tenancy.
We will support you to live at home independently and successfully.

Is our service for you? 
Our service is available if you have:
• Experienced, or likely to experience, problems with your tenancy. Or if you haven’t managed your own tenancy before.
• Significant personal support needs. Each tenant is potentially eligible for support depending on their needs.

How do we assess your need for support?
We need to consider:
• Your previous experiences of living independently.
• Whether you’re employed and length of employment.
• Other support services you currently receive.
• Your views and wishes, and those of professionals working with you.

How can we help you?
We can:
• Help you settle into your new home.
• Support you through life’s ups and downs.
• Help you with practical actions including paying bills, setting up utility accounts and checking your benefits.
• Guide you towards specialist help and support as appropriate.
• Support your health and wellbeing.

What does our support include?
• An assessment of your needs.
• A named contact and support team to provide help.
• Regular contact, either in person or by phone.

In their own words

“Twelve months ago I thought I would lose my home. I’d been taken off my benefits, unfairly in my view. I’d been on the sick for 10 years because I couldn’t physically do anything or go anywhere.

I felt it was impossible to do what the benefits system demanded of me. I couldn’t even go to appointments in town because of my health problems. I had no income and my family were supporting me as best they could. I hated the situation.

My rent arrears were nearly £2,000 and I expected to be evicted. Then Bolton at Home’s South Sustainment and Support Team stepped in.

I admit I didn’t want to know at first. They came to me to listen and help, but I just wanted them to go away and leave me alone. My frame of mind was that I’ll just go ahead and slum it on the streets. But they didn’t leave me alone. They persisted with me, got on my wavelength to understand my situation and acted quickly.

If you can believe it, from having no money coming in for 12 months, they got my entitlements reinstated in a week. They did so many things for me, including giving me food vouchers, sorting out backdated benefits and arranging a repayment plan to stop me being evicted.

They also found me somewhere suitable to move to. I couldn’t even get up the stairs in my old place, now I’m much more comfortable in a home that’s more suitable for me. My heating bills have halved too, which is a nice bonus.

If my word is anything, speak to them if you need help. I’d lost faith in there being people about who can genuinely help you but, honestly, the officer who dealt with me is one of the best people I’ve ever met.

They’ve changed my outlook and turned my life around. I can’t thank them enough.”

Get in touch

For further information, call us on 01204 328000 or visit us at
98 Waters Meeting Road, 
Bolton BL1 8SW.

We helped

We helped a customer who's 70 years old, alcohol dependant and was being financially abused by his neighbours. Over £5000 was taken from him.

He lived in in a first floor flat and struggled with the stairs and his mobility, so was at risk of a serious fall. He suffered from some confusion and as a result he was always running out of electricity and sitting in the cold. He couldn't cook, didn't have Careline or or any other support services in place.

We struggled to engage at first but persisted and when we got in the property, it was neglected and in poor condition. The tenant was particularly vulnerable as a good friend had recently passed away and he had no support from his family.

We referred him into the local integrated working team and gradually he started to engage more, we worked with the local PCSO to help address the financial abuse. We completed a fire risk assessment and were able to provide flame retardant bedding and throws but still we felt more support was needed.

We referred him into the extra care unit and supported him with a move to Maxton house. Solicitors now have power of attorney to ensure bills and benefits are all in order and he's no longer at risk of financial abuse.

He now has a care package in place and support available onsite until 10pm, he has a cleaner who comes in regularly and also is seeing a physio to help with mobility. Has also started engaging with GP.

His lifestyle now is worlds apart, he has made new friends at Maxton, is in safe and well maintained accommodation with help onsite whenever needed.


Hilary talks about her work in our support and sustainment team

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