Working with our contractors & suppliers to deliver social value

We work with our contractors and suppliers to deliver social value through our procurement process. We're committed to going beyond the minimum requirements of the Social Value Act, to apply it to procurements of all goods, services and supplies contracts of values above £50k.

We've worked with Anthony Collins Solicitors to develop a bespoke Social Value in Procurement Toolkit which sets out our approach on how to apply our social value policy through contractual relationships with suppliers.

Our Social Value in Procurement Toolkit has a dual purpose and is aimed at supporting staff within Bolton at Home with responsibility for procuring goods, services and works on behalf of the organisation, as well as supporting our contractors and suppliers to understand our approach to social value in procurement.

Social-Value-in-Procurement-Toolkit.pdf [pdf] 1MB 

Social Value Fund

We have established a Social Value Fund to help us deliver projects and initiatives that meet our social value core priorities, as defined in our updated social value policy.

The fund is made up from financial contributions from procurements, and is used to support our social value policy and core priorities. We require a minimum 1% of the contract spend from suppliers as a contribution to the fund for all contracts with a value of £50k (excluding VAT) or above.

We ensure that the money from the fund is linked to our social value core priorities and is allocated to projects that match the needs of our communities. Funding allocation is determined by Bolton at Home’s Management Team under the remit that it is directed towards delivery of our social value core priorities.

In order to achieve transparency, and ensure accountability to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, contractors, suppliers, our partners, our auditors and Regulator, The Regulator of Social Housing, we will publish annually on our website, a list of spend summarising what projects and initiatives the Social Value Fund has been allocated towards.


The income for our Social Value Fund in 2018/19 was £163,000 which included contributions from over 25 of our contractors and suppliers.

£212,000 from the fund was allocated to social value projects during 2018/19. 

The projects funded during 2018/19 include:

·   Delivering individual ICT training sessions to help over 482 customers

·   Delivering work club sessions for over 680 customers.

·   Helping more than 350 people into work.

·   Delivering the Pop-up Business School which helped over 160 budding entrepreneurs get advice on starting a new business.    

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