Group Governance Committee

This Committee has devolved responsibility from the Group Board of Bolton at Home Limited for:

  • All Governance matters relating to Non Executive members and the Executive Team, having considered independent advice (when required) and taken into account good practice;
  • ensuring that the society maintains the highest standards of governance, taking account of best practice;
  • effective working relationships between the Group Board, employees and the Secretary;
  • entities within the group are in compliance with any regulatory standards; and the governance and performance of pension schemes.

Terms of Reference

Group-Governance-Committee-Terms-of reference.pdf [pdf] 134KB

Ian Munro (Chair of BH Group Board)

Ian Munro (Chair of BH Group Board)

Ian has a wealth of experience and expertise in housing and environmental health.  He became Director of Housing in Tameside in 1992 and supervised the implementation of one of the Country’s first, and most successful, housing renewal areas, bringing in over £70M private sector investment into one of the boroughs townships.

Ian led the transfer of Tameside’s 16,151 council homes to New Charter Group in March 2000; the first Metropolitan transfer and at the time the biggest in number and valuation [£129M] and first to a new group structure.

Ian has been a Board member at Bolton at Home since 2018, and was appointed Chair of the Group Board in October 2019.

Mike Corfield


Mike, who joined Arcon's Board in 2018, has over 25 years experience in social housing sector, working for both local authorities and housing associations.  Mike has been responsible to a wide range of frontline customer services including repairs, housing management, customer involvement, income collection, welfare benefits and customer contact centres.  Mike is passionate about ensuring services deliver outstanding value for customers and is determined that housing providers do not lose their sense of social purpose.

Mike joined the Group Governance Committee in June 2019, and was appointed to Bolton at Home's Board in January 2020.